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Graduate Trainee Application Closing Date


Your Path to Success Starts with HKTV

We are dedicated to fostering your growth and development. Through a diverse range of transformative programs, meticulously tailored to harness your talent and potential, we provide comprehensive support to guide you towards reaching the pinnacle of your career. We offers Management Trainee Program, Graduated Trainee Program and Internship Program.

Unparalleled Growth Opportunities

Our programs present unparalleled avenues for professional development, enabling you to accelerate your career progression and achieve unprecedented accomplishments in your selected domain.

Exposure to Diverse Industries

Through our program, you will delve into diverse industries, acquiring cross-functional expertise that expands your skill repertoire and positions you as an adaptable professional adept at conquering any challenge.

Tailored Development

We embrace a personalized approach to your growth, customizing the program to align with your distinctive strengths, interests, and career objectives. This guarantees that your achievements are unparalleled and ensures an exceptional level of success.

Talents love our programs

Experience the exceptional opportunities and transformative impact that sets us apart. Hear from our talents who kindly shared their opinion.


Being an HKTV Management Trainee, I embarked on overseas projects, gaining valuable insights across departments. Applying my knowledge, I challenged myself, enhancing problem-solving skills, and building a strong foundation for future career growth. This is a remarkable journey.

Claire Tong

2022 Management Trainee


In the customer service graduate trainee program, I honed problem-solving skills and met customer needs through job rotation. It improved my interpersonal skills, bolstered my confidence, and fostered a positive, collaborative work environment for personal career development.

Alvin Wong

2022 Graduate Trainee

6-step success:
Your application roadmap

Our program begins with a six-step process, starting from the moment you prepare your CV and fill out our application form. Get ready and we guide you through each step towards the success.


Connect with Our Recruiter

Participate in our upcoming campus recruitment event, where you can engage in insightful conversations to gather information about our MT/GT/ Intern program and gain valuable insights.


Explore Our Departments

Explore the diverse departments within our organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of the wide range of opportunities available. Identify the department that aligns with your career aspirations and goals.


Craft an Impressive CV

Craft an exceptional CV that effectively showcases your skills, experiences, and noteworthy achievements. We recommend keeping it concise, within 1-2 pages, and submitting it before the deadline.


Create a Powerful Self-Introduction Clip

Create compelling self-introduction clips that leave a lasting impression. In just two minutes, you can captivate your audience and convey your personal brand effectively. It’s an opportunity to showcase your personality, charisma, and creativity.


Assessment Phase: Validate Your Abilities

During an assessment centre, candidates are assessed on various criteria such as problem-solving abilities, communication skills, teamwork, leadership potential, decision-making skills, and adaptability.


Join the Outward Bound

Outward Bound can provide you with opportunities to challenge yourself, develop resilience, and enhance your leadership abilities in a unique outdoor setting, focusing on personal development, leadership, and outdoor skills.

2024 MT Program’s Recruitment Schedule

  • Step 1:

    Online Application (Mid September 2023 – 19 November 2023)

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    • Prepare your CV
    • Create the URL of a maximum 2-minute video to answer the below questions^:
      • Who you are ?
        • In a world filled with countless talents, what sets you apart? Share your background, experiences, and the defining moments that shaped you into the remarkable individual you are today. Highlight your passions, skills, and aspirations, allowing Recruiters to connect with your authentic self.
      • Why HKTV ?
        •  Showcase your enthusiasm for HKTVmall and why it resonates with your goals and values. Whether it’s the platform’s commitment to quality, its wide range of offerings, or its dedication to customer satisfaction, express why HKTVmall is your preferred choice.
      • Share with us the driving force behind your daily commitment to excellence!
        • What motivates you to work better than yesterday? Highlight the values and principles that drive you forward, and provide examples of how you consistently go above and beyond.
    • Apply here

    Tips: ^Prepare the video URL link before you submit the application!

  • Step 2:

    Phone Interview (November 2023)

  • Step 3:

    Assessment Centre (December 2023)

  • Step 4:

    Final Round – Outward Bound (February 2024)

  • Step 5:

    Offer (March – April 2024)

  • Step 6:

    Program Commences (June 2024)

Our Business Units

#ONLY applicable to the GT program


Event Schedule

7 September 2023City University of Hong KongJob Fair
27 September 2023The Hang Seng University of Hong KongJob Fair
10 October 2023The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyJob Fair
25 October 2023The Chinese University of Hong KongJob Fair
25 October 2023The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityCareer Talk
26 October 2023The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyCareer Talk
27 October 2023Online HKTV Management & Graduate Trainees’ Sharing event
(Register now!)
Sharing Event
1 November 2023The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityJob Fair
3 November 2023Onsite HKTV Management & Graduate Trainees’ Sharing event
(Limited seats are available. Register now!)
Sharing Event
9 November 2023The University of Hong KongCareer Talk


Q. If I am current not in Hong Kong, can I also join the programs?

Absolutely! Regardless of your current location, you can take part in our transformative journey. However, please note that the program’s placements will begin in early June 2024. To fully benefit from the programs, you are required to be physically present and ready to engage in the activities. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant environment and make the most of your experience. We look forward to having you join us!

Q. Can I apply if I have some working experience?

You are not eligible to apply Internship program. However, you may still apply for Management Trainee program and Graduate Trainee program, which are looking for students who have no more than 2 years of working experience and less than 1 year of working experience respectively.

Q. When is the deadline for the Management Trainee Program and Graduate Trainee Program?

The applications closing date for Management Trainee Program is 19 November, 2023, while Graduate Trainee Program is 31 December, 2023. We encourage interested candidates to submit their applications before this date to ensure consideration for the program.

Q. When can I start applying for the programs (MT, GT and Intern) ?

Applications for the MT program will open on around mid-September while the GT program is expected to open around October 2023. Please stay tune with our recruitment channel for further updates and detailed information regarding both the GT and Internship programs.

Q. What traits are you looking for the programs?

For our programs, we are seeking candidates who possess a combination of key traits and qualities. While specific requirements may vary depending on the program, some common traits we look for include:

  • Strong enthusiasm and commitment toward establishing a long-term career in the field of eCommerce industry
  • With remarkable endurance and courage to face new challenges
  • Smart and energetic
  • Logical thinking, passionate, positive and self-motivated
  • Open-minded and sound interpersonal skills
  • Good team spirit and potential leadership ability

Q. If my major is unrelated to business or marketing, am I still eligible to apply for the MT program?

Of course. It does not necessarily disqualify you from applying for the program. We value diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and we consider applicants from various academic disciplines. However, eligibility requirements for the GT program may vary depending on the specific organization and program in question.

Q. What is the differnce in between MT and GT programs?

MT (Management Trainee) programs primarily target individuals who have recently completed their master’s degree or have no more than 2 years of professional experience. MT participants typically go through rotations within different departments or functions of the organization, allowing them to gain exposure to various areas and develop a holistic understanding of the business.

GT (Graduate Trainee) programs, on the other hand, are generally aimed at fresh graduates or those with less than 1 year of working experience. Participants in GT programs typically concentrate their efforts and learning within a single department, allowing them to develop deep knowledge and skills in that particular area.